Your Consultant is Dawn Piechocki

My Story

What is my Why Scentsy? Why Not!

I started buying Scentsy and noticed very quickly that it made my house look and feel cleaner just by the fresh clean scents! I Loved the style of the warmers and all the additional items I could hide throughout my home that could help me keep my home smelling and looking great! So June of 2016 I decided I should just buy the consultant kit and then at least when my friends needed more wax bars or warmers I could help them out, Very quickly I realized this company is WAY more than that. Scentsy has sparked something in me I never knew was there, I'm growing and training a team of Independant Consultants and having such a great time while I'm making money to help support my family!

I love selling Scentsy and buying Scentsy as well! The amazing thing to me was how easy it was to make the money I invested into Scentsy back and how many people knew about Scentsy and the quality of the product!

If you have ever considered becoming a Scentsy Consultant please message me! I love mentoring and training my team because my goal is for everyone to see what I see in Scentsy!